Over 70 years ago, my grandfather started the first family machining endeavour; Northern Indiana Screw Products in Bourbon, Indiana. My father and uncle took over the company in later years. Throughout the past 30 years I have added to my experience with, and knowledge of the family trade Including 19 years in the Orthopedic Industry.

In 2010 Performance CNC LLC was established to provide our customers with machined products manufactured to their prints. We pride ourselves in providing our customers engineering suggestions for machinability of their parts. Our machine shop is not only outfitted with precision equipment, we have a department with seats of ESPIRIT and OneCNC Cam. Our highly knowledgeable machinists are able to hold very tight tolerances to establish that perfect part. We have the reputation of providing services for R & D projects, pilot runs and long run production and we are proud of the fact that we design and produce our own fixtures and specialized tooling.

Along with our state of the art equipment, we have years of experience in machining all types of materials. From Titanium, Inconel, Nickel, Stainless Steel, Alloy Steels and non-Ferrous materials, we have the knowledge on how to machine all these materials to our customer's prints.

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1338 12th Rd Bourbon IN 46504 US

Our Team


We’re committed to building a product you can be proud of. 


Our staff members are highly skilled and have years of experience. But, their dedication to making sure your needs are met doesn't come from that, it comes from within. And it's embraced and appreciated by all of our staff. 


ISO: 13485-2016